Is Your Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air? This Is Why

Is Your Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air? This Is Why

Homeowners can face the issue of their air conditioner blowing warm air, which can be very uncomfortable, especially if this takes place on a particularly hot day. As a homeowner, it’s one of the worst experiences to enter your home on a hot day and find that your air vents are blowing out heated air. Knowing the most common reasons for air conditioner malfunctions will help you avoid this discomfort. It’s important to keep an eye on and clean your air conditioner regularly, just like the rest of your home’s appliances. You can take simple precautions to avoid these setbacks in your home or workplace.

Common reasons why your AC is blowing out hot air.

Look at the most common signs of hot air from AC units and solutions for them. Hiring a good HVAC contractor Yuma for all your HVAC services saves money on repairs.

Incorrect thermostat

The thermostat may malfunction if your house’s air conditioner is blowing warm air. It is a common occurrences when an old dial-type unit is calibrated incorrectly. It is a good ideas to check your thermostat settings if you still have the air conditioner’s owner’s manual. Replace or adjust your thermostat if the issue persists.

Clogged filter

One of the most common issues preventing your air conditioner from effectively cooling your home is a reduction in the amounts of air flowing through it. It needs a filter to clean the air traveling through your air conditioner. In contrast, a clogged air filter might block the system from receiving fresh air.

Faulty compressor

When you turn on your air conditioners, you must circulate the refrigerant through the unit to produce cold air. If your unit’s compressor is broken, the refrigerant can’t cool the air because it can’t change from gas to liquid. It is essential to keep your air conditioner’s vents blowing cold air.

Leaky ducts

Cooled air from your AC unit travels throughout your house via ducts installed in the walls and ceilings. Having holes in the ducts might lead to the air being drawn into the walls, which you don’t want. If you’re looking for the best AC service Yuma, you should only trust the best.

Frozen coil

Frozen evaporator coils can also cause a home AC to spew heated air. These coils, filled with refrigerant, operate like sponges, soaking up heat from the surrounding air. Ice can build up in the evaporator if there isn’t enough airflow. As a result, you may notice that your unit is only releasing warm air or even no air at all.

Faulty fan

Fans in your air conditioner may not be working properly for various reasons. A fan’s blades can become clogged with dust and other debris. It causes your air conditioner to blow warm air instead of cool air. Determine whether the fan motor needs to be replaced or if you can clean it.

It’s prudent to call HVAC experts.

You’ll be able to avoid an expensive breakdown if you keep an eye on these issues and your air conditioner doesn’t start blowing hot air. And a breakdown in the heat of the summer is the absolute last thing you need. You should therefore perform preventative maintenance in the spring before it becomes too hot.

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