Is Your Heating System Making You Sick?

Is Your Heating System Making You Sick?

Most Americans utilize heating systems daily, whether in their homes or workplaces. If maintaining your furnace is constantly at the top of your list, but you don’t have time to do it, you might be breathing poor-quality air.

How Is Your Heating System Making You Sick?

  • Recycling particles in the air

A lot of homes are now sealed to prevent air from leaking outside. While this can help reduce the cost of energy, indoor air can include all kinds of particles, from pet dander to dust to mold spores. This material keeps on getting reused and transported throughout the home.

  • Humidity problems

Heating systems can decrease the humidity in your home, which may irritate your eyes, skin, throat, or nose. If you think your air isn’t dry enough, humidification systems will help your home feel more comfortable. Call our specialist for heating service in Yuma.

  • The carbon monoxide concern

Specific heating systems may release harmful carbon monoxide inside your home. Carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas, making it difficult to spot. If you’re concerned about the presence of carbon monoxide, think about investing in a carbon monoxide detector that can notify you of the presence of the gas within your home. If you’ve felt sick and tired lately, then contact one of our specialists for heating replacement in Yuma.

Strategies To Prevent Illness From The Heating System

  • Get your ducts cleaned

When it is too cold, and you have to turn on the heater, clean the ductwork out. It will ensure that you will have fresh, warm air flowing through your ducts. It can prevent coughs and headaches. If you are looking for a dependable HVAC contractor in Yuma, contact C & A Master Tech LLC.

  • Stop heating only a room or two

You may be heating only a small space of your house to reduce expenses. However, this may affect your health. It may occur if you constantly move from a warm place to a cooler space. The continuous change in the temperature may cause serious health issues.

  • Invest in a humidifier

A humidifier is the ultimate solution if you’re suffering from a dry throat, skin, or sinus infection. Our experts for heating repair in Yuma advise getting a humidifier that can increase the air’s humidity and make breathing easier.

  • Open a window

If you get sick when you first start your furnace, then it is advisable to open your window to let in the fresh air. Also, you should schedule a visit with a furnace technician to ensure you’re not suffering from inhaling carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide.

If unsure, ask our HVAC contractor in Yuma to inspect your furnace. They will properly analyze the situation and make the necessary repairs to avoid any further issues.

  • Upgrade your central heating system

Older heating systems may be prone to problems, such as defective furnaces, which may contribute to your illness and pose the risk of leakage of carbon monoxide. Gas furnaces also produce nitrogen dioxide that can cause asthma in children. If you think you may have issues with your central heater, it could be time to speak with an expert to get it upgraded or replaced.

  • Use a HEPA filter

Instead of using cheap furnace filters, put your money into a durable HEPA filter that will provide fresh air whenever you run your furnace. HEPA filters remove over 90% of the dust particles in the air.


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